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Office buildings offer great potential for optimisation

Around the world businesses spend millions every year on their office buildings. Workspace is notoriously underutilised, does not serve the people and thus wastes a lot of resources. What is needed are profound, real-time insights into what is actually going on in each office building!


Identifying of Optimisation Potential

  • How can our footprint be reduced, while still meeting business needs?
  • Are we able to consolidate multiple buildings?

Realising Optimisation Potential

  • Where in our buildings do we have vacant space?
  • What is the ideal desk and meeting room ratio for each team?

Operating a Smart and Occupant-oriented Building

  • How can our employees find available desks, meeting rooms and colleagues more easily?
  • Do we need to clean every desk with the same regularity?

Use Cases

Locatee applies patent pending advanced machine learning and indoor positioning algorithms to your existing data sources. Understand what is going on across your entire portfolio without manual walk-through studies or costly hardware sensors. Focus on creating business value with more than 50 supported smart office building use cases. Discover them below.

Understand How Your Office Buildings Are Performing

Summary View

Real-time KPIs

See how your space is performing right now. See current, average and peak utilisation of all your workspace at a glance.

Dynamic Reporting

Identify areas for improvements and understand how different floors and zones are utilised.

Identify Optimisation Potential Across Your Portfolio

Portfolio View

Compare Buildings Across Sites

Identify sites with the greatest potential for optimisation and find out how to consolidate multiple buildings.

Replace Your Gut Feeling With Data

Make confident real estate decisions based on objective data.

Drill Down to Verify Optimisation Potential

Timeline View

Continuous Insight

Understand how each workspace is used and monitor actual workspace utilisation.

Identify Changes

Identify work patterns to avoid bottlenecks in capacity.

Realise Optimisation Potential

Sharing Ratio View

Understand Team Utilisation

Identify available capacity within your workspace across all teams.

Implement Team Specific Ratios

Tailor your desk sharing ratios to actual demand.

Rightsize and Improve Workspace Layouts

Heatmap View

Identify Layout Improvements

Right-size workspace according to employee needs.

Identify and Resolve Workplace Issues

Heatmap View

Identify Workplace Issues

See how every workplace is used in real-time. Identify and resolve workspace issues.

Improve Cleaning Effectiveness

Cleaning View

Smart Cleaning

Adjust cleaning cycles based on actual workspace utilisation

Demand-driven HVAC

Optimise HVAC

Identify usage patterns and use real-time data for HVAC settings.

Integrate With BMS

Send HVAC recommendations to the building management system.

Find Available Rooms and Desks

Mobile App

Make Lives Easier at the Office

Identify current space availability on your smartphone and quickly find the workspace that suits you best.

Integrate With Room Booking

Integrate the application with your existing room booking system.

Find a Colleague

Mobile App

Improve Collaboration

Enable your employees to share and request locations in order to find colleagues more easily.

People Notification

Receive notification of a colleague’s arrival.

Location-based Feedback

Mobile App

Report Workspace Issues

Let employees give location-specific feedback on their work environment.

Improve Workspace Quality

Enable facility management to improve workspace quality.

Digital Signage for Your Lobby

Kiosk App

Find Available Space

Get an overview of space availability in the lobby. The Kiosk app indicates busy and free areas on each floor and helps your employees save time by finding a free desk more easily.

Understanding how an organization uses its workspace is fundamental to creating an effective and efficient working environment. Thanks to Locatee we were able to obtain granular insights into our space utilization and take workspace decisions with great confidence; simply based on our existing IT infrastructure!

Biogen Logo
Nicole Stutz, Office & Facility Management, Biogen International GmbH

We are able to plan a new office building in Geneva according to the actual utilization and the identified space needs of the employees to increase their productivity and happiness, as well as to optimize the footprint.

Peter Fehlmann, Head of Logistics and Facility Management Switzerland, Ernst & Young

Deploying technology in a large organisation and in cooperation between Corporate Real Estate and IT can be time consuming and complex. However, Locatee was easy to rollout due to an assisted onboarding service and went very smoothly. Immediately after the successful implementation, insights were available.

David Morley, Head of Workplace Transformation at Zurich Insurance

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