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Overview Factsheet

The factsheet provides you with a short overview about how Locatee helps you create significant business benefits: From portfolio wide space optimisation to improvements to the daily working life of each individual employee.

Privacy Factsheet

Individual privacy of your employees is our top priority when it comes to workspace analytics

Locatee includes strong measures to meet the local and international privacy and IT security regulations. The smart building platform supports you with the following:

  • Enable you to gain insights into space utilisation for optimisations;
  • fully protect your employees’ privacy;
  • comply with local and international data protection regulations;
  • prevent unauthorised access to Locatee utilisation data;
  • discuss data protection with involved stakeholders such as your workers council and the IT security officer as part of the rollout;
  • build trust by supporting transparent communication about the purpose and outcome of workspace analysis.

Do you have questions regarding privacy and IT security? Contact us and learn more about it.

Measurement Possibilities of Space Utilisation

A short guide to the 4 most common technologies to measure space utilisation

Learn more about the following measurement possibilitites:

  • Manual occupancy studies and surveys
  • Access badge analysis
  • Sensors
  • IT Infrastructure solutions

We give a short overview of the solutions presenting their advantages and disadvantages when measuring the space utilisation to optimise workspaces. 

ROI Calculator

Identify your individual savings potential within your real estate portfolio with the ROI calculator.

Metrics Cheat Sheet for the Modern Workspace

A short guide to the 7 most relevant utilisation KPIs in corporate real estate management.

The following KPIs are covered in this Cheat Sheet:

  • Current Utilization
  • Average Utilization
  • Peak Utilization
  • Required Workplaces
  • Opportunity
  • Sharing Ratio
  • Optimal Sharing Ratio

The Business Case of Space Efficiency

This guide shows you how basing decisions on objective data can help you to not only avoid or reduce costs, but also meet employees' space needs.

What you'll learn:

  • How to calculate the business case of space efficiency
  • How continuous measurements allow to base decisions on objective and reliable data 
  • Options on how to realise the savings potential 
  • Calculation example on how reducing space leads to a cost reduction of USD 4'544'000 per year
  • Calculation example on to avoid USD 2'71'680 of costs pear year by optimising already existing space 

The Business Case of HVAC Optimisation

#2 of the Business Case Series introduces how occupancy steered HVAC increases the employee well-being as well as the sustainability of a building

Figure out:

  • How to calculate the business case of HVAC optimisation
  • How occupancy analytics increase the sustainabilty of an office building
  • How an optimised HVAC system ensures the employee well-being and inreases the attractivity of a company
  • Calculation example on how HVAC optimisation leads to a cost reduction of USD 149'000 per year (for a company with 100'000m2 or approx. 9000 employees)
  • Calculation example on avoiding USD 99'600'000 of costs pear year by decreased employee absence for a company with 20'000 employees

White Paper: Navigating the Complex Smart Building Landscape

A comprehensive use case guide for Corporate Real Estate professionals

Memoori and Locatee have jointly compiled a White Paper to help CRE professionals and facilities management address their priorities and navigate towards a strategy for "smartening" their building portfolio.

The White Paper will help you to

  • learn more about the 7 attributes of Smart Buildings
  • discover the trends shaping the future of Smart Buildings
  • identify your most important CRE Use Cases in 2019
  • take the 3 steps to get closer to a Smart Building


Locatee - Your Office Building's Brain

Identify Space Optimisation and Consolidation Potential in a Portfolio

Short demo

In this video introduction we will show you how Locatee Analytics can be used to develop consolidation scenarios.

Project workplace demand for relocation

Short Demo

In this video we will show you how Locatee Analytics can be used to project workplace demand for relocation.

Reducing the Footprint

Short demo

In this video introduction we will show you how Locatee Analytics can be used to decide on footprint reduction of an existing building.

Case Study – Swiss Re

A 2-page Overview of what Locatee and Swiss Re have Achieved Together

This case study will tell you more about:

  • why Swiss Re chose Netcloud, Cisco and Locatee as strong partners
  • the importance of accessing reliable workspace utilisation insights in real-time
  • an example of cost savings potential that has been uncovered within the first months after implementation, finally leading to annual cost savings
  • why the financial benefits and insights are an investment in the future
  • the insights allowed to decrease space by 10% at Swiss Re's Munich office and will save will save €290,000 per year

Experience Report – Swiss Re

  • why Swiss Re chose Netcloud, Cisco and Locatee as strong partners
  • how Swiss Re empowers employee collaboration with location-based data
  • the importance of accessing reliable workspace utilisation insights in real-time
  • why the implementation of Locatee was an investment in employees 
  • an example of cost savings potential that has been uncovered within the first months after implementation, finally leading to annual cost savings
  • why the financial benefits and insights are an investment in the future

Success Story – UPC

How Locatee supports UPC by providing objective and realiable data that led them to added-value on different levels.

Download the UPC Success story and find out how Locatee supports UPC with

  • Objective and realiable data
  • Indentifying under-utilised areas and floors
  • Automatically created management reports
  • Proactively identifiying organisational changes

Case Study – Post

  • The modern work environment in the new Swiss Post headquarters posed new challenges regarding capacity planning and employee experience
  • Swiss Post rolled out the Pro plan across 30.000m2 and covering workplaces of more than 2.000 employees
  • The Employee and Kiosk App enables employees to find workspaces, co-workers and resources easily 
  • With Locatee the sharing ratios of desks were optimised and 15-20% of office space costs savings were realised

Case Study – Biogen

  • Biogen rolled out the Basic and Advanced plan across four buildings and 28 departments
  • With Locatee, Biogen identified areas with available capacity for potential ‘collaborative’ or ‘silent’ workspaces
  • An increas in the desk sharing ratio enabled Biogen to bring in 140 employees to the existing 450 without adding any square feet and improve space efficiency by 30%
  • In total a savings potential of CHF 2.5 million was realised

Webinar - The Business Case of Space Efficiency

The 26 minutes excerpt of the video discusses:

  • Business Case - Space Efficiency
  • Locatee - Company Overivew
  • Locatee - Smart Building Platform

Webinar Defining and Monitoring Space Utilisation Metrics

The 17 Minutes excerpt of the video discusses:

  • Locatee - Company Overivew
  • Defining and Monitoring Space Utilisation Metrics
  • Locatee - Smart Building Platform

Webinar Office Space Measurement

The 15 Minutes excerpt of the video discusses:

  • Locatee - Company Overivew
  • Next Generation Office Measurement Methods
  • Smart Building Platform

Workplace Utilisation Practices

What your utilization data says about working practices and behaviors in the workplace. Don't miss Virna Monero's guest blog about her awarded master thesis!

Juggling with Full Utilisation

#3 of uncover workplace insights

In the 3rd part of our "uncover workplace insights" series, Sabine Ehm deals with the topic of optimal workplace utilisation as well as how performance metrics are the only way how to recognise the optimisation potential.

The global office: Why one size fits all does not work in multinational workspace management

#4 of our "Uncover Workplace Insights"-series

Don't miss Sabine Ehm's step-by-step guide for a future-proof office! #4 of our "uncover workplace insights" series is about the challenge of implementing new workspace concepts on a global level and how space utilisation data will help.

Next Generation Measurement Methods That Actually Reflect Your Modern Offices

Do you conduct manual studies to understand and optimise your space utilisation? Learn why organisations increasingly dismiss physical occupancy studies and invest their money in measurement methods that provide continuous and objective insights

Making Real Estate Value Visible

Sabine Ehm talks about the daily problems and challenges she had as former Corporate Real Estate Manager, such as being mostly approached as “order-taker”. Don’t miss part 2 of our “Uncover Workplace Insights”-series!

Smart Building Business Case - Part II

Read part two of our smart building business case and discover what potential smart buildings can bring your strategic and operational space management, over and above enhanced employee productivity. We show you how optimising operational, strategic, and workspace management can increase your annual savings on corporate real estate costs.  

Facts that Figure

Read the first part of our „Uncover Workplace Insights“-series where our Customer Success Manager Sabine Ehm shares her experiences as a Corporate Real Estate Manager and also best practices from our customers.

Smart Building Business Case - Part I

As smart building technology has been evolving at lightning pace, questions as to why companies should invest in smart buildings have arisen. To popular belief, the main reason is the vast amount of cost savings made. However, what other reasons are there?

The Quest for More People-Oriented Offices

Workspaces and smart buildings have been developing in tandem and the rising importance of work culture has made it even more important to make offices more people-oriented. We suggest three important steps that will make offices more people-oriented.

Measurement Methods of Workspace Utilisation

Currently there are several different methods to measure workspace utilisation. We give a short overview about the five most relevant ones with their individual (dis)advantages and talk about what Locatee can offer.

3 Steps to get real-time insights into office buildings

Exploit the potential of your existing data. We show you the 3 steps you must consider to transform your office building into a smart and people-oriented work environment.

8 principles ensure Employee Privacy in Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings rely on data; big data. What might seem an impossible undertaking after the implementation of the GDPR, does in fact not have to be a trade-off if you play by the rules and consider 8 principles.

Data Analytics for the Modern Workspace

With the advent of big data, the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning, platforms have evolved to support more accurate real-time insights, revealing previously hidden patterns into the actual use of space.

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