Team Analytics

Optimise the assigned team areas

Creating the optimum work environment for a team – one that is tailored to its specific needs – can be a challenge. By establishing desk sharing models, employees are no longer assigned fixed individual workplaces; teams are instead provided with an allocation of spaces ideally suited to their needs. The ‘sharing ratio’ is used to determine these allocations, a figure that represents the suggested number of employees per workplace.

For example, if the sharing ratio is 1.2, there should be 1.2 employees per workstation. This would mean that 12 employees would be assigned to 10 workplaces. Employees are rarely all in the office at the same time due to holidays, (external) meetings and absences resulting from illness or family leave, among other reasons.

Varying need for space depending on team
Different teams require different amounts of office space. Sales staff frequently work remote and accordingly require fewer workplaces, while administrative employees are generally quite connected to their workplaces. It is essential to have a fact-based discussion with individual teams to determine the right amount of workplaces needed; however, a lack of information often prevents this from happening.

Fact-based decision-making with Team Analytics
The Team Analytics module by Locatee Analytics tackles this very issue. An analysis of how the workspace is used can be made for each team with a single click*. A time axis provides information on the capacity of the assigned workplaces. Peak times can be examined in detail in order to understand which workplaces are used and which are not, making it possible to determine whether the available workplaces suffice for a given team, and if the allocation should be increased or reduced.

Team Analytics also simulates how the usage of the workplaces would change if the allocation increases or decreases in number. This makes it easy to see if any adjustments would lead to a shortage.

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* All evaluations are carried out under strict compliance with European data protection laws. Locatee Analytics anonymises all usage data and does not evaluate specific individuals. You can find further information on data protection here.

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