Case Study – Swiss Re

Locatee enables Swiss Re to design the Office of the Future

As one of the world's leading providers of reinsurance and insurance, Swiss Re is dedicated to making the world more resilient—and that begins right at their headquarters. As part of their Smart Building and Service Solution initiative, Swiss Re partnered with Netcloud, Cisco and Locatee to not just collect location-based information, but extract genuine insight from it.

This case study will tell you more about:

  • why Swiss Re chose Netcloud, Cisco and Locatee as strong partners
  • the importance of accessing reliable workspace utilisation insights in real-time
  • an example of cost savings potential that has been uncovered within the first months after implementation, finally leading to annual cost savings
  • why the financial benefits and insights are an investment in the future
  • how the insights allowed to save €290,000 per year at their Munich office

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