Privacy Factsheet

Individual privacy of your employees is our top priority when it comes to workspace analytics

Locatee Analytics includes strong measures to meet the local and international privacy and IT security regulations. The smart building platform supports you with the following:

  • Enable you to gain insights into space utilisation for optimisations;
  • fully protect your employees’ privacy;
  • comply with local and international data protection regulations;
  • prevent unauthorised access to Locatee Analytics utilisation data;
  • discuss data protection with involved stakeholders such as your workers council and the IT security officer as part of the rollout;
  • build trust by supporting transparent communication about the purpose and outcome of workspace analysis.

Do you have questions regarding privacy and IT security? Contact us and learn more about it.

Safeguarding our employees’ privacy has top priority for us. Thankfully for Locatee as well. Although we have access to valuable insights, Locatee Analytics ensures maximum data protection.

Swiss Post
Carine Bommeli, Innovation and Projects, Swiss Post Real Estate

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