New Product Feature Release

During the last months we have been improving our Smart Building Platform «Locatee Analytics» in many areas. We are happy to announce a brand new release.

The highlights of the new release are:

Revamped user interface
The entire user interface of Locatee Analytics got a profound refresh. The new modern and minimalistic look & feel provides a more intuitive user experience through a clear colour concept and an optimized typography.

Assigned Space View
From the Sharing Ratio view you can now access detailed space utilization insights per department (we call it Assigned Space View). In the Assigned Space View you can easily identify overcapacity and communicate it to the departments in order to further optimize the space utilization.

Email notifications
You can now subscribe to notifications which contain the most relevant utilization metrics such as utilization peaks or the current utilization of a building, floor or department. These subscriptions will be sent automatically on a defined schedule (e.g. every morning or weekly) to your email address. Thereby Locatee Analytics will keep you informed about desired utilization metrics.

Please get in touch if you would like to have more information about Locatee Analytics and the latest releases.

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