Ever wondered what is going on behind the scenes?

Locatee is growing. And by that we mean not only our customer base, but also our responsibilities and inquisitiveness. To be able to manage it all, our team is growing too.

We have doubled in size since the beginning of the year and want to welcome even more colleagues to our team in future!

Founded three years ago as a startup, we are slowly but surely reaching the dimensions of a scaleup without losing our inquisitive mentality and agility. At the same time, we are committed to growing sustainably and place a high value on internal communication and offering something to every member of the team on both a professional and personal level. Our team dynamics speak for themselves.

Our objective is to not only offer our clients the best possible working environment, but to also guarantee our employees the same. Locatee’s commitment is demonstrated on various levels:

  • Our current core team includes 17 people from 9 different countries. Regardless of whether they have experience in electrical engineering, business innovation, software engineering, human resources, architecture or statistics: everyone at Locatee draws on their own individual background and interests. Some like to hike or go to the gym, some jam in their free time, while others are enthusiastic about robotics or chess. Locatee manages to connect all of these interests and even more, giving every single person the opportunity to benefit from interdisciplinary and intercultural exchange. Be it in terms of information, language or on a personal level: we live diversity!
  • To take advantage of every opportunity, we seek out both experienced employees and young, dynamic people for our team. We are devoted to expanding our network to include graduates by attending job fairs such as the ZHAW Absolvententag or the ETH VIS Kontaktparty. Be it as an intern, working student or as someone entering the workforce immediately after graduation – we are interested in working with young, talented individuals with fresh and innovative ideas.
  • Locatee is located in OfficeLab Altstetten, one of Zurich’s most reputable coworking spaces. We have the opportunity to work in a flexible and open work environment that meets all of our needs. In addition to a focus zone, flexible workstations and a gaming room, there is also a large community area where we eat lunch together as often as possible, sometimes hold our weekly team event and where we are able to communicate with coworkers from other companies.
  • IAESTE is an exchange programme for students with a technical background that places them in internships around the world. We are proud to be part of this global network and welcome a new intern every year who then plays a dynamic role in our development team. After counting on support from Bastian from Chile for the last 12 months, we are excited to welcome soon our next intern.
  • Women Hack organises networking and recruiting events which bring together companies and women with a background in software development. It is common knowledge that women are still underrepresented in tech companies. Locatee is attempting to counteract the situation by actively recruiting female employees through initiatives such as Women Hack. We are pleased to announce that we have been able to significantly increase the proportion of women and hope to increase that percentage even more in future.
  • We are also working with one student and one PhD student from two different universities on various collaborations. Both parties benefit from this cooperative exchange: university staff receive real insight into an applicationoriented solution by working with anonymised data from our analytics platform, while we benefit from an external perspective that shines a different light on our findings and views and offers us fresh insights.
  • And we saved the most important point for last: passion. We stand up for what we believe in, work on what we care about and go the extra mile – we are passionate about what we do!

If you would like to become part of our exceptional team and want to support our vision, take a look at our vacancies or simply send a speculative application.

I really like to work at Locatee, because the team is open minded. As an intern, this quality made me very confident to share my ideas and learn about those of the rest of the team. We will also be very glad to get to know yours!


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