Don't miss the new Factsheet of the Business Case of HVAC Optimisation

#2 of the Business Case Series introduces how occupancy steered HVAC increases the employee well-being as well as the sustainability of a building

Learn more about:

  • How to calculate the business case of HVAC optimisation
  • How occupancy analytics increase the sustainabilty of an office building
  • How an optimised HVAC system ensures the employee well-being and inreases the attractivity of a company
  • Calculation example on how HVAC optimisation leads to a cost reduction of USD 149'000 per year (for a company with 100'000m2 or approx. 9000 employees)
  • Calculation example on avoiding USD 99'600'000 of costs pear year by decreased employee absence for a company with 20'000 employees

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