We are hiring

We are growing steadily which is why we are looking for additional awesome talents in both Product and Business Development. Take a look at our vacancies or send us your blind application to jobs@locatee.ch in the areas of HR, Marketing, Sales and Product Development. You would be joining the team at an exciting time in our growth!

Become part of a dynamic, fast-paced, and internationally growing company and work on cutting edge big data analytics technology for the largest organisations worldwide.


Product Development

Working at Locatee means being part of a growing, dynamic and constantly moving project. The level of commitment and camaraderie is extraordinary. I discovered a great opportunity to introduce myself into a new professional branch merging my background as an architect with the tech world.


As a developer seeing our product and its features grow and mature over time has been very rewarding for me. However what is even more rewarding is being part of the team that grows with it.


I was hungry for diving into a Tech Start Up and here I am, at Locatee, working together with talented Engineer, Product and Business teams fully enjoying this exciting experience! We are steadily growing and are so much looking forward to having more awesome Locateers and shaping, together, the company.


Working at Locatee is a great pleasure. Because there are so many different people coming from various backgrounds (IT, business, humanities, architecture, ...) there‘s always something to learn and the team dynamic fosters new ideas and inputs.


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