I work in corporate real estate and facilities management. How can Locatee Analytics add value to the strategic and operational decisions of our company?

Having worked with various different partners and customers, Locatee understands the challenges corporate real estate and facilities managers are facing. With specific regards to the company’s needs, Locatee Analytics provides the relevant information such as workspace utilisation in order to make data-driven strategic and operational decisions regarding the optimisation of a real estate portfolio. The information is based on objective data and is available in real-time. The solution allows to identify consolidation potential throughout a global portfolio, plan and realise savings potential and at the same time enhance and personalise employees' workspace experience. In our experience, customers are able to save more than 20% of their real estate costs by increasing space utilisation. Contact our sales team to discuss the value of Locatee Analytics for your business and get more information about our software solution.

There are other workspace utilisation measurement methods available. How do I know which is the right solution for my company?

Currently, five main methods are used in order to measure workspace utilisation: manual occupancy counting, access badge analysis, sensors, IT-login analysis, and software solutions. Which method adds the most value to your company depends on your use cases and objectives. Locatee Analytics is a software-only solution, which provides real-time insights based on an existing IT infrastructure. Our solution circumvents installing additional hardware and is thus highly scalable and cost-efficient. Read more about the five methods and their pros and cons.


How are the utilisation rates and sharing ratios measured based on our existing IT infrastructure?

Locatee Analytics collects data from an existing Wi-Fi and LAN infrastructure to locate devices within buildings. The real-time indoor positioning system uses signal strength and Locatee’s machine learning algorithms, turning the existing IT infrastructure into an indoor positioning system similar to a GPS.

Can Locatee Analytics use the data of an existing IT infrastructure without having negative impacts on its performance? 

Locatee Analytics reads the existing data in regular intervals - typically every few minutes - and solely needs read-only access. This process does not have a negative impact on the performance of the IT infrastructure. Read more about the benefits of our success stories.

How accurate are your measurements especially when using my Wi-Fi infrastructure? 

The accuracy depends on the specific use cases and current IT infrastructure. Are you looking for a general overview of the utilisation rate of your worldwide portfolio or do you want to drill down on actual sharing ratios of single workplaces? An example: on desk-group level and with a standard IT infrastructure, a 95% accuracy can be achieved if Wi-Fi and LAN measurements are combined. Contact our sales team to discuss your use cases today. 

How do you measure occupancy if our employees are using multiple devices? 

Locatee Analytics can integrate different device categories depending on the use cases (e.g. company issued devices such as notebooks or bring-your-own devices such as smart phones or tablets). If two or more devices of the same employee are located at a workplace, Locatee Analytics will recognise it as a single occupied workplace. Locatee Analytics also recognises if employees leave a device at a workplace and take another to a meeting room. In this case, the workplace and the meeting room are both marked as occupied. 


Is our employees’ privacy guaranteed with Locatee Analytics?

Locatee Analytics assesses the utilisation of office buildings and does not allow to track individual employees. The utilisation of a global building portfolio can be analysed, different space and workplace types as well as the adaption rate of activity-based workplaces of different teams. But it is not possible to identify individual employees. Locatee Analytics has been designed with privacy at its core. All data is strictly anonymised. No Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is stored at any time. Find more information about on privacy on our factsheet.

How are privacy regulations managed in the Mobile App? 

The Mobile App is based on an opt-in/opt-out feature, which means employees are able to decide at any time, whether they want their location to be displayed or not. The Mobile App fosters collaboration among teams, while personalised data is only available in real-time and all historical data is anonymised. Find more information about privacy on our factsheet.

Safeguarding our employees' privacy has top priority for us. Thankfully for Locatee as well. Although we have access to valuable insights, Locatee Analytics ensures maximum data protection.

Swiss Post
Carine Bommeli, Innovation and Projects, Swiss Ist Real Estate


Is it possible to integrate Locatee Analytics into other systems? 

Locatee Analytics is built with a strong focus on use cases to ensure long-lasting benefits. Hence, Locatee Analytics can be integrated with various technologies and systems to fully leverage the existing infrastructure and information that is already collected. This not only applies to the data sources which can be fed into Locatee Analytics, but also to the enhanced and aggregated data, which can be exported to scale the smart building solution across a whole real estate portfolio. An open API allows to fully exploit the existing information. Typical integrations are CAFM, IWMS, BMS or HVAC systems.

How is Locatee Analytics typically deployed?

Locatee Analytics can either be deployed on premise or in the cloud. Many of our customers choose to deploy the solution on premise due to IT security and privacy reasons. Thanks to strong IT security principles and data privacy measures, the solution complies with privacy regulations such as the GDPR.

I am not sure if my existing Wi-Fi Infrastructure is sufficient for accurate measurements. How many Wi-Fi access points do I need and where do they have to be positioned?

The ideal Wi-Fi infrastructure depends on specific use cases and the layout of the office building. We recommend consulting your network provider regarding the network setup prior to a rollout. If required, we can give general recommendations on how to ideally place the access point in order to determine the accuracy of measurement. Talk to our experts to evaluate your existing setup.

How can I roll out Locatee Analytics across a global portfolio?

Our company’s goal is to create the best possible outcome for customers in an effective and highly scalable way. Thanks to our focus on reusing existing data sources, the solution is easy to roll out and maintain across an entire real-estate footprint. Installation of additional hardware is not required. At the moment, Locatee Analytics is rolled out in more than 20 companies such as Swiss Re, Zurich Insurance, Swiss Post and many more across six continents. In order to achieve these goals Locatee works together with partners such as Cisco or Regent, but also with existing partners of our customers such as Netcloud. Contact our sales team to discuss the steps you need to take to deploy Locatee Analytics across your global portfolio.


I would like to deploy Locatee Analytics. What does it cost?

Locatee Analytics is available for yearly subscriptions. The price model is based on the total amount of square meters and also depends on the use cases. Due to the scalability of Locatee Analytics, the solution can be rolled out across a worldwide portfolio of buildings. Therefore, Locatee applies a volume pricing model, which means with an increasing total amount of square meters, the price decreases. The yearly subscription fee includes all patches, updates, and new features of the subscribed plan. The initial setup fee depends on the size of the portfolio and data sources you choose to integrate. Contact our sales team to discuss your specific surface area (number of sqm) and use cases to get more information on pricing.

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