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The Way How People Work Has Changed

Today's workforce is more mobile and flexible than ever. We help you face new challenges in today’s modern office buildings.

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Space Efficiency

Office buildings across your real estate portfolio are mostly utilised less than 50% at any time.

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Facility Operations

Resources are often used inefficiently in areas such as cleaning or heating and ventilation.

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Employee Experience

Office buildings do not serve the people. In fact, only half of all employees work productively in their offices.


Make Your Office Buildings Talk

Locatee is the smart building platform for workspace optimisation. It enables you to make better and faster real estate decisions and shapes the way employees interact with your buildings. Locatee supports over 50 use cases – from the optimisation of portfolio-wide space utilisation, to making the lives of employees easier at the office. We enable you to make your office buildings truly smart and occupant-oriented.

Your Office Building’s Brain

Locatee uses what is already there. The patent pending big data technology analyses existing data sources in real-time with advanced machine learning and indoor positioning algorithms. This way you always know what is going on in all your office buildings across the entire portfolio. No hardware sensors or one-time walkthrough studies required for understanding space utilisation.

  • Leverage existing data sources from your IT infrastructure
  • Highly scalable and in real-time
  • Robust data
  • No or very little local setup needed
  • Up to 60% cheaper than sensor solutions
  • Privacy is safeguarded

A Great Potential for Optimisation

Locatee is the fast and scalable way to turn your data into actions and returns. Make the most out of your office buildings.

  • Increased employee engagement and workspace satisfaction
  • More efficient space utilisation saves 40–70 EUR per m² and year
  • Reduced energy costs of 3 EUR per m² and year
  • Improved cleaning effectiveness saves up to 8 EUR per m² and year

For us, the main advantage is that we have a purely data-driven solution that does not require hardware investments of any kind. This was also the reason we chose Locatee.

Swiss Post
Thomas Oczipka, Head of Work Environment, Swiss Post Real Estate

Our Clients

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