Use Cases for Locatee Analytics in Office Buildings

There is a wealth of use cases and business opportunities for Locatee's analytics platform in the workplace environment.

Real estate professionals can benefit from the platform in several ways:

1. Right Sizing Office Space as a Tool to Maximize Real Estate Utilisation

The cost of rent and management of office space is significant for many enterprises. Reducing the square footage is a good cost saving strategy, backed by the use of ongoing real-time data to select the right amount of office space based on actual utilisation. 

Such data can also be used to identify less used or highly used spaces to determine where to make modifications. Additionally, data can identify peak or low hours of the day to enable smart scheduling of shift workers.

Duration of stay data and moving patterns of people at and between different areas can also support real estate professionals in assessing the nature of their building usage, how individual teams are collaborating with other departments, and whether the existing office layout is fully optimized.

2. Strategic Space Management for Real Estate Portfolios

For REITs and owners of real estate portfolios, space utilisation can be compared and benchmarked portfolio-wide and data-driven insights into potential consolidation of the footprint or optimization of particular sites can be derived from the platform. 

3. Operational Space and Facilities Management

Facilities managers can understand how departments and employees utilize space and get suggestions on appropriate desk sharing ratios tailored to the actual demand. They can obtain analysis of space utilisation over time, identifying seasonal trends and bottlenecks in capacity. They can also receive feedback from employees via Mobile App on facility issues.

Actual utilisation data can also be used to inform cleaning staff where to clean facilities based on actual occupancy, rather than cleaning based on a pre-determined schedule. Or HVAC equipment in the building can be optimized, based on actual occupancy.  

4. Improved Experience for Office Occupants

The platform can also contribute to an improved experience for office occupants, whether they are employees in agile working environments or with assigned workstations. 

5. How Can I Find an Available Space More Easily?

Finding available desks and meeting rooms in agile working environments can be frustrating for employees. The Kiosk and Mobile Apps identify areas with free workspaces.

6. Finding Colleagues, Enabling Internal Co-Working and Collaboration

In large offices, particularly those which operate flexible working environments, finding colleagues can be a challenge. An indoor positioning system, which communicates the location of each person, can reduce friction in finding people as they become searchable through the Mobile App. This feature can increase interaction and collaboration between employees in a more productive manner. 

7. Location-Based Feedback

Employees can give instant feedback on their office environment to enhance their workspace experience. For example, user perceptions on air quality, lighting and noise levels at specific locations can be captured, as an input to understand barriers to productivity.

Excited to learn more about how these and other use cases can help you unleash your optimisation potential? Get in touch via our contact form!

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