Calculate Your Individual ROI

Two of the daily challenges of Corporate Real Estate Management are the identification of optimisation potential and the personalisation of workplaces. Real estate is the second largest cost item, therefore CREMs play a significant role for a company’s future profitability.

Keeping track of an entire real estate portfolio can be challenging, thus key performance indicators (KPIs) are crucial in calculating business cases, making fact-based decisions and representing them to other stakeholders. A reliable and continuous analysis of actual utilisation is required, for which various measurement methods are available.

But what potential lies hidden in your real estate portfolio? With the ROI calculator based on CBRE's study "Space Utilisation: The Next Frontier", we offer you the opportunity to calculate your individual optimisation potential.

Locatee Analytics allows us to optimize our portfolio planning and space efficiency, which results in a high ROI.

Peter Fehlmann, Head of Logistics and Facility Management Switzerland, Ernst & Young

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