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Dynamic Workspaces

Traditional workspaces are becoming out-dated

The way how people work is changing. Technologies such as mobile devices are widely adopted and increase mobility of work. Consequently, more than a quarter of all office space worldwide is unused. Moreover, traditional office concepts do not provide adequate workplaces for all employees’ work activities during their time at the office.

Great potential to improve productivity and efficiency

Dynamic workspaces address the shortcomings of traditional workspaces. It allows your employees to flexibly choose between different functional workplaces that suit best to their current activity. This concept of activity-based workplaces improves your employees’ productivity while your company is able to increase overall real estate efficiency.

If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it.

Data on office utilisation becomes crucial for long-term success of dynamic workspaces. With Locatee’s innovative analytics solution you always know how your workspace is being used and you can allocate the right number of desks, breakout- and collaboration zones accordingly. We help you tailoring your office to your employees’ needs and making your workspace even more efficient.

The Product

Locatee is the innovative and affordable analytics solution for your entire workspace.

Affordable measurement technology

Locatee measures your office space utilization without relying on costly hardware. Compared to sensor solutions Locatee is up to 60% cheaper. It is incredibly easy to setup and use. There is no need to install additional software on your employees’ devices.

Measurement of the entire workspace

Our implicit sensor technology is based on your existing network infrastructure and aggregates data from your LAN and Wireless LAN network. This combination allows you to efficiently measure utilisation of desks, meeting rooms, breakout- and collaboration zones.
Real Time View

Real Time View

In-depth Analytics

In-depth Analytics

Continuous data in real-time

Due to the low setup and maintenance costs, Locatee is not only suitable for temporary but also for permanent measurement of your office utilization. With continuous and real-time data you always know whether your employee’s space demand meets your supply. Make your office more efficient – permanently!

Revealing analytics and reporting features

Locatee provides you with intelligent analytics and reporting features in order to gain the necessary insights into your utilization data and optimize your workspace. Make better decisions based on facts not guesswork.

Our Clients

A selection of companies already using Locatee Analytics.

The Team

We are a strong team with complementary skills and the vision to improve workspaces for our customers and their employees. We pave the way for a successful workspace of the future.

  • Benedikt Köppel

    Chief Technology Officer

    Benedikt is founder and CTO of Locatee. He experienced modern workspace concepts first hand at UBS «Workplace Now» and became a mobile worker to the core. He is the technical architect of Locatee leading the product development. He has a M.Sc. in Information Technology and Electrical Engineering from ETH Zurich.

  • Thomas Kessler

    Chief Executive Officer

    Thomas is founder and CEO of Locatee. He worked in the «Smart Workplace» environment at Credit Suisse. With Locatee he wants to change the way how workspace is managed and ultimately create a better workspace for Locatee’s customers and their employees. He holds a M.A. from the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and is responsible for Business Development and Finances at Locatee.

  • Alexander Mülli

    Software Developer

    Alexander is in charge of our front end. He creates intuitive user interfaces to help our clients getting the most out of their workspace data. He holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Zurich. Thanks to his Design Thinking skills, acquired at Stanford University in California, he knows how to address customer needs and turn technology into great products.

  • Dr. Georg Nebehay

    Data Scientist

    Georg is the Data Scientist at Locatee. During his PhD in Computer Vision at Graz University of Technology in Austria he became an expert in object tracking as well as localization. With his deep knowledge in statistics and his passion for machine learning he is leading the development of our core localization technology.

  • Felipe Lopes

    Software Development Intern

    Felipe works at Locatee as part of his IAESTE internship and supports our front-end development. He studies Information Technology at the Federal Institute of Technology in Campinas, Brazil. Before starting at Locatee he worked for a Brazilian fintech company, where he gained a broad knowledge in UI/UX and web development.

  • Eva Gentner

    Student Assistant CAD

    Eva is a Student Assistant at Locatee. With her experience in computer-aided designs, she supports the team in the rollout process and other administrative tasks. She holds a B.Sc. in Architecture from ETH Zurich and currently studies at the University of Zurich.

  • We are Hiring!

    Sales Expert and International Advisor

    We are expanding our team and look for a Java Developer, a Sales Expert and an international advisor with a strong network in Facility Management and Corporate Real Estate Managers. Click here to get more information!

  • Eckhard von Münchow

    Business Developer and Advisor Germany

    Eckhard supports our business development efforts with his extensive network in the German market. He has twenty years of business experience at Siemens AG and ten years at the global Workplace Resources team of Nokia Siemens Networks. Based in Munich he works as a business coach, drives innovation at CoreNet Global Chapter Central Europe and runs the network "Munich Offices – take a look".

  • Reto Hafner

    Advisor and Technology Evangelist

    Reto Hafner is Advisor and Evangelist at Locatee. He is the CEO of Offconsult, a Switzerland based workplace consultancy firm, implementing workspace strategies and design at national and international companies. He was a member of the COO Real Estate Management team at UBS Investment Bank in New York. He has the necessary experience in Corporate Real Estate Management to help turning Locatee’s vision into reality.

  • Prof. Dr. Lukas Windlinger

    Scientific Advisor

    Prof. Dr. Lukas Windlinger is Locatee’s Scientific Advisor. He is a lecturer for Facility Management at Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) and a senior researcher focusing on the interaction of people, work, space and technology. As an author of various academic publications, he has a strong scientific background in both quantitative as well as qualitative workplace research.

  • Gregor Stücheli

    Member of the Board

    Gregor Stücheli is a well know Swiss IT entrepreneur and CEO of Inventx AG, the innovative and leading IT-provider for Swiss Banks, and the former CEO of T-Systems Switzerland. With Inventx AG, he is one of the early customers of Locatee. Convinced by the technology and market opportunity, he became a member of the Board. With his exceptional management and B2B sales experience, he supports Locatee’s business development efforts.

  • Dr. Thomas Dübendorfer

    Member of the Board

    Thomas is a Member of Board at Locatee. He is a successful internet entrepreneur and lecturer at ETH Zurich for Network Security. He holds a PhD in Computer Science with distinction and is a former Google Software Engineer and Tech Lead. He served as a president of the Information Security Society Switzerland (ISSS) and is an acknowledge expert in IT security and privacy. He advises Locatee on both technological and business challenges.

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